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About Us

Follow your passion, and sucess will follow you


We never liked the old, plastic sunglasses that are available out there. That's why we created this new brand! With 100% recycled wood, and a new tree planted for every sold sunglasses we try to give back to the environment. Instead of using plastic, this is 100% natural! At the end, we try to make the world a better place.


Months ago we came to the conclusion that the main brands use lots of plastic. We wanted to do something else, with an eye to the environment and the people who live on this planet after us. We had to do something else, use natural products which doesn't pollute the earth. That's when we came together and made this brand new product! Wooden glasses and (in the future) other accessories! 


We try to be as transparant als possible, pay everyone a normal salary and help people to become better. Furthermore we want to reduce the amount of plastic on the world, so that's a focus point!


If this world is a better place, we did a good job. That's one of the key points that we all have.

John Din

Marketing Director

Jason Jado


Angela de Boer

Fashion Design